Choosing a Wax

Choosing a Candle Making Wax

Container Candle

If you are going to make container candles it is best to use one of the container candle making waxes. For paraffin candles use the Chandler Grey PRO container wax, this is a one pour wax with an excellent burn and scent throw. For natural wax use the Soya Waxes, Golden Wax 444 and 464 are container waxes with slightly different melting temperatures. It comes down to what works best for you.

Pillar Candle

If you are going to make pillar candles using moulds you need a wax that will contract, for paraffin wax use the Chandler Grey Blended.

Container and Pillar candle making wax is very different; container wax is made to adhere whilst pillar wax has been made to contract for easy mould release.

Do I need wax additives
If you are just making container or pillar candles then the wax mentioned in the sections above will work well without the need for any additives. The wax additives available on this website have descriptions on the wax additives page so I will not go into it here. If you are in any doubt contact the 4Candles customer service desk via the contact page.

The 4Candles customer service desk will be able to give you any help and guidance with your candle making. The contact page has our telephone number or you can use the contact form.

The Other Waxes
There is other candle wax available on the 4Candles wax pages; for instance Dip and Carve or Gloss Overdip. The customer service team can give advice on these products but it is best if you have some experience or knowledge of using these products.