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WickWell P2 Candle Wick

This wick was made by WickWell specificaly for use with the PRO-Pillar wax but it can also work very well with natural wax.The larger sizes need trimming before each lighting of the candle but this wick will keep the flame central.

WickWell P2 Wick

WickWell NT Candle Wick

The WickWell NT candle wick has been specially braided for use in bees wax candles though the smaller sized wicks NT14-17-20 prove to be just as successful in Soya wax. Stearin candles and natural candle sands which often prove hard to wick can also burn successfully with the WickWell NT candle making wick.

WickWell NT Wick

TCR Candle Wick

The TCR candle wick is an unbleached, self-trimming candle wick suitable for natural waxes including soy and rapeseed. The wick is made from cotton entwined with a thread of paper. The core of this wick has a supportive external jacket which is designed to eliminate sooting and minimise mushrooming. The smallest sizes are also suitable for natural tealights.

TCR Candle Wick

WickWell NT-TL Candle Wick

The WickWell NT-TL Wick is for use in tealights, it works very well in natural waxes and is not affected by fragrance oils. The WickWell NT-TL candle wick will also perform in paraffin waxes. The NT-TL2 is the standard wick for use in tealight cups with a 38mm diameter.

WickWell NT-TL Wick

Wedo LX Candle Wick

Wedo's LX wick is a very thin flatwick that curls into the flame to produce a self trimming effect. Very effective in low melt paraffin container waxes, will also work in natural waxes but when used in natural wax it is common that you have to use a lot larger size than you would in paraffin wax. Large amounts of scent in a candle can affect the performance of the Wedo LX wick.

Wedo LX Wick

Wedo ECO Candle Wick

Wedo's ECO candle making wick is especially suited to natural soy waxes. For beeswax and stearin candles and candle sand use the NT wick.

Wedo ECO Wick

Wedo RRD Candle Wick

Wedo's RRD wick is a round wick that is well suited for use in vegetable and gel wax. The wick is directional giving it a very good capillary flow; the wick is supplied with a knot at one end with the knot signifying the top or direction that the wick is braided.

Wedo RRD Wick

Wedo VRL Candle Wick

The Wedo VRL candle wick is well suited to natural waxes, and works well in pillar and container candles.

Wedo CSN Wick

WickWell Cotton Core Candle Wick

The Cotton cored wick is a good back-up wick, it will work in all paraffin waxes and applications. If the WickWell P2 or Wedo LX are not giving you the results you require you may find that the Cotton Core will. Needs trimming before each lighting of the candle.

WickWell Cotton Cored Wick

Wedo TL Candle Wick

The TL wick is flat braided with a non-cored construction which allows for optimum wick movement into the flame during combustion. The TL line is designed to be used in tea lights due to the low heat precision burning it offers in paraffin, vegetable and gel waxes.

Wedo TL Wick