Candle Making Moulds

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50mm Dia. Aluminium Pillar Mould

Chandler Grey candle making moulds. Three heights available in every diameter 100mm, 150mm,and 200mm. Made from aluminium these moulds leave a very good finish on your pillar candle.

50mm Pillar Moulds

62mm Dia. Aluminium Pillar Mould

A pillar blend of wax must be used in these moulds or the finished candle will not release from the mould. If you are using standard paraffin wax then palm wax must be added.

62mm Pillar Moulds

75mm Dia. Aluminium Pillar Mould

Wick pins are available (in the accessories section on the wick pins page) for the pillar moulds. There is also a useful guide in the guide section on how to wick the moulds.

75mm Pillar Moulds

Aluminium Votive Mould

Made by Chandler Grey these aluminium votive moulds are a far better quality than the usual metal ones. They cool quicker and leave a better finish. Votive wick pins are available for wick insertion after the candle is finished.

Votive Moulds

Wax Tart Mould

Wax tart moulds, make your own wax melts or small candles. Diameter 57mm, Height 20mm.

Wax Tart Mould

Foil Tealight Cups

Standard foil tealight candle cups.
Silver outer / Silver inner
Size 38.6mm dia x 18.2mm high
Available with 57,000 on a Pallet, Contact Us

Foil Tealight Cups

*Small* Foil Tealight Cups

Small foil candle tealight cups. Lower height than standard.
Silver outer / Silver inner
Size 38.6mm dia x 13.5mm high

Foil Tealight Cups