Double Boiler - Melting Pans

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Double Boiler Method

Of all the equipment needed to make candles the choice of wax melter is the most important. For making candles at home or just melting down old candle wax you can't get any better than this double boiler pan set. They are made from stainless steel and are easily cleaned with hot soapy water. Just fill the bottom pan of the Double Boiler Pan Set with water and place on a very moderate heat, always have a thermometer in the candle wax and do not leave alone as melted wax can heat up very quickly.

Double Boiler Pan Set

Stainless steel pan set with clearview lid. Holds a maximum of 1kg of melted wax. The large Aluminium Jug will fit into the lower pan of this set so you can melt and reheat your candle making wax with the jug and pan.

Double Pan Set