Wax Additives

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Bipol-X modifies the crystal structure of wax to prevent the leaching of fragrance oils from the wax. The additive will absorb the fragrance keeping the finished candle dry and eliminating sweating. Up to a maximum of 7g per 100g wax. Mix at 1g per 3ml of fragrance, Bipol-X must be heated to a temperature of around 80C to melt. When using the CG Bipol-X you can get a better result if you melt the CG Bipol-X by itself then add the fragrance to it. Then pour this mixture into your melted candle making wax, stir well to ensure a good mix then pour.


Natural Palm Stearin

Stearin is added to candle wax to harden the finished candle, give it better burning qualities, depth of colour and opacity. It also helps mould release for candles made using the metal moulds. Do not use in rubber moulds. Mix at 2% to 10%. Candles can be made using this Palm Stearin as your wax giving you a natural candle. This should only be tried by experienced candle makers, the NT wick is best for a 100% palm candle.

Natural Palm Stearin

Micro-wax Soft

Soft Micro-wax can be used as a substitute for stearin when you are using rubber moulds. It also adds rigidity to pillars as well as reducing or eliminating mottling without adding opaticy. If you are having problems with bubbles on your finished candles adding a small amount of Micro-wax Soft can help. Sometimes it is used to enhance the burn of natural container waxes.

Microwax Soft


An opacifier and hardener commonly used when stearine is not appropriate (eg with latex moulds). As well as opacifying and hardening, it helps retain oils - usually from perfumes - to minimise the sweating of the oils from the candle. Mix at 2% to 5%. CG Bipol-VB is often added to improve scent throw and it is its ability to retain oils that gives it that characteristic. Use the CG Bipol-X to increase the amount of fragrance wax will hold.

Vybar 2020

PE22 Hardener

A polymer hardener for use when making the outer shells of hurricane candles. Mix at 4% to 6%. The PE22 can also be used in wax to increase the burn time of the candle, mix around 1g per 150g of wax. This may affect the burn of the wick though.


White Rapeseed Wax

A pure white rapeseed wax; this wax can be used as a container wax but is very useful as an additive to soften other natural waxes. It will also lighten the colour of creamy natural waxes. Adding 10% of this wax can give you an extra few millimetres to the diameter of the burn pool of a candle.

White Rapeseed Wax