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Small Clear Lid Candle Tin

A quality aluminium candle tin with a slide on see through lid. The clear part of the lid is acetate. Measurements are: 60mm Dia. x 44mm High, Holds 75g of wax (Filled to within 1cm of top). Available in boxes of 567.

Candle Tin Clear Lid

Small Aluminium Candle Tin

Recyclable aluminium candle tin with slide on lid. These aluminium Candle tins are 100% aluminium. They can be used many times as a candle, and recycled. 60mm Dia. x 45mm High. Holds 75g of wax (Filled to within 1cm of top) Available in boxes of 567.

Small Candle Tin

Large Aluminium Candle Tin

Always ensure you burn metal and glass container candles on a suitable surface as they can get hot enough to melt plastic or char wood. 75mm Dia. x 60mm High. Holds 175g of wax (Filled to within 1cm of top) Available in boxes of 294. One box of aluminium tins will require one full courier charge.

Large Candle Tin

Clear Votive Glass

Clear Votive glasses. Candles made in our votive moulds fit perfectly inside the glass. Clear votive glass for use as a container for poured candles or as the container for the votive candles. 64mm high. Make great votive candles using the votive moulds and the auto votive wick pins.

Clear Votive Glass

Container Jar - Hexagonal

Very popular and easy to make candle jars with lid.
Small - D48mmxH65mm - Holds 50g Wax
Medium - D58mmxH75mm - Holds 95g Wax
Large 1 - D68mmxH88mm - Holds 165g Wax
Large 2 - D78mmxH98mm - Holds 225g Wax

Hexagonal Jars

Container Jar - Dodecagon

Very nice small twelve sided candle jar with lid. A very unique looking fluted jar thats comes with a silver or gold lid.
D45mmxH50mm - Holds 30g Wax

Dodecagon Jar