Waxed Votive Wick

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V45/S5-80 Votive Wick

These are self trimming wicks with a neat small flame in packs of 50. If you want to make a votive candle using the Blended paraffin wax and votive moulds, or make container candles using the Pro-container wax and votive glasses then these wicks are ideal. The S3 is discontinued so the S5 is the one to use.

50 x V45/S5-80 (£3.58 +VAT)
V45/S3-80 Votive Wicks

V45/SPC-60 Votive Wick

This is a self trimming wick which gives a good strong flame. It has two very thin paper cores which give it very good burning abilities that is to say that it can work in just about all paraffin wax blends. This wick has become our best seller as it is often used to replace wicks in votive candles people have purchased that just do not work.

50 x V45/SPC-60 (£3.49 +VAT)
V45/SPC-60 Votive Wicks

Wedo VRL Candle Wick

The VRL wick is a flat, coreless, cotton wick. VRL wicks are particularly successful in lower melt-point natural waxes. Use with Golden Wax container wax to make candles directly in to the votive glasses. Can be affected by the use of large amounts of essential oils in candle wax.

VRL Votive Wicks

Wedo LX Votive Wick

The LX wick is a very thin flat cotton wick that has great self trimming capabilities and can be used in Paraffin or Soy waxed candles. For use in votives the LX8 and LX10 are succesful in a paraffin votive candle and the LX14 and LX16 are for use in a soy votive candle.

LX Votive Wicks

WickWell NT Votive Wick

The WickWell NT wicks unique braid means it will work well with beeswax votive candles. In some cases the tip of the wick may need trimming before each lighting of the candle. Use with good quality Beeswax and the Votive Mould and Auto Wick Pins. Use with Beeswax to make candles directly in to the votive glasses.

NT Votive Wicks