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Natural Products
The waxes on this page are all natural products. Please expect variations from season to season and batch to batch. It is very important that you always do a small test batch. Store the wax out of sunlight, in dry conditions, at room temperatures.

Chandler Grey® Melt Wax

The Chandler Grey Natural Melt Wax has been specifically developed as a natural melt wax. It is also suitable to make moulded candles with including tealights, votives, and pillar candles. It is vegan friendly and cruelty free. The 100% natural blend is predominantly olive with natural performance additives to improve scent throw and burn performance. It is supplied in bead format and offers a depth of colour unrivalled by any other natural wax on the market with a frost-free finish. Melt Point 60-62C. Heat to 80-85C. Mix in fragrance; and dye if required, stir gently. Pour temperature 70-75C. Recommended wick for candles: NT-TL, Wedo VRL.

CG Natural Melt Wax

Chandler Grey® R4 Container Wax

The Chandler Grey R4 Natural Container Wax is a 100% natural wax made from sustainably sourced European rapeseed and natural additives. The wax offers a fantastic finish and smooth glass adhesion. The wax has fantastic hot and cold throw and is supplied in pellets. The wax is one pour though customers may choose to apply a skin with a second pour. Melt point 45-50C. Heat to 80C. Wide pouring temperature between 50-80C. Wick recommendation: P2, TCR, VRL.

CG Natural Container Wax

Kerasoy Container Wax

Kerasoy container wax, sometimes referred to as KW4130, is a natural soy container wax manufactured here in the UK. The wax is supplied in pastille format, is biodegradable, and vegan friendly. The wax offers a fantastic finish and smooth glass adhesion. Up to 10% fragrance can be added. Melt point 42-48C. Pour temperature 60-65C. Our testers found the TCR candle wick to be most suitable with the Kerasoy container wax.

Kerasoy Container Wax

Golden Wax 444

Golden Wax 444 is a natural soy container wax made with a soy based additive to reduce frosting and increase fragrance load. The wax is Natural and Kosher. A higher melt point enables it to retain a higher fragrance load and improve scent throw. Melt Point 49-52C. Heat to 80-85C. Pour very slowly and allow to cool gradually. Pour temperature will depend upon container size and room temperature 60-80C. Test small batches.

At this time we only have 5kg bags, so there is a 20kg option not 22.68kg

Golden Wax 444

Bees Wax

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees. This wax is pure and supplied in small beads. Available in 800g or 5kg bags. Please note this wax will not always come in the same shade of yellow.