Candle Making Wick Samples

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Choosing A Suitable Candle Wick

Sometimes it is a difficult task to find the wick that is suitable for your purpose as well as the raw materials you are using. A working wicks behaviour can be altered with the adding of another additive or larger quantities of fragrance etc. so the need for testing is essential. We offer this sample service so you can purchase a small amount of any wick to ensure its suitability to the candles you are making.

Waxed Candle Wick Samples

The waxed candle making wick sample packs are made up of five lengths of waxed wick that are 200mm long. They do not have sustainers fitted. The waxed sample wicks are only available with one wax coating the Wedo LX, ECO, VRL, RRD, the WickWell NT, and TCR wick are natural waxed. The P2, TL, and cotton cored wicks are paraffin waxed.

Raw Candle Wick Samples

The raw wick sample packs will be made up with 5 metres of each wick selected. The wick is wound onto a cardboard bobbin and in some cases when more than one wick is selected two wicks maybe wound onto the same bobbin. This is the best way to get several wicks for testing.

Votive and Tealight Wick Sample Packs

Votive candles made in the 15 hour moulds really want a wick with a small neat flame that generate enough heat to melt the wax across to the glass. The V45 wicks are made specially for this purpose though the smaller LX wicks can sometimes be a better alternative with the VRL wicks used in Soy wax and the NT wick for use in beeswax votive candles.

The standard tealight cup that we sell is very easy to wick just use the TL15 wick for paraffin wax candles and the NT-TL2 for Soy wax candles. If you are adding large amounts of fragrance or essential oils then you may need to use larger sizes. The NT-TL wick is best in natural waxes. The TB5 wick for paraffin wax, NT for beeswax.