Using Fragrance Oils

We have three candle making fragrance ranges to choose from, the Escentscia Original range, the Escentscia US Style range, and also Escentscia soap making fragrance oils. The Escentscia Original fragrance oil is recommended for use in paraffin wax and the Escentscia US Style fragrance for use in natural waxes. Both Escentscia candle making oils are as effective in all waxes, the US Style has been made phtalate free. The most commonly asked question regarding the fragrance oil is can it be used for soap making, we sell the fragrances as candle making fragrance oil but a lot of them can be used in soap making. We recommend that you contact us for more information and to find out which of the fragrances are suitable.

Mix the fragrance oil at a ratio of between 4-8ml per 100g of wax. The ratio will depend on the scent being used and personal preference. 6ml per 100g would be a good testing ratio. Add the fragrance just before you pour the wax, stir well but avoid air bubbles.
Wear Safety Goggles

It would seem to be over the top to be wearing protective gloves and glasses if you are just handling a small bottle of fragrance, and if handled properly there is probably no reason to go that far. The reason for the following guide lines is there is just a cause for concern that a lot of small bottles could be stored incorrectly or the larger bottles could be spilt. Please remember the fragrances are a concentrated substance that should be used with care, once diluted and part of your candle there are no safety concerns. Do not sniff the fragrance in its concentrated form, put a few drops into hot water to get an idea of the scent. Do not take a lot of long sniffs of the fragrance or your nose will become accustomed to the scent.

Handling, Storing, and Using Fragrance Oils
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • No Smoking. Avoid naked flames or other potential sources of ignition (eg. electrical equipment)
  • Do not subject to unnecessarily high temperature during candle making
  • Do not ingest or apply to the skin
  • Good personal washing routines should be followed during use
  • Maintain adequate ventilation in working areas
  • Store in closed container away from heat sources
  • Ensure the fragrance cannot be accessed by children or pets
  • Do not pour directly into drains, into soil, or into the aquatic enviroment
First Aid Measures
  • Skin Contact - Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin with large volumes of water, or soap and water. If an irritation persists, or any sign of tissue damage is apparent obtain medical advice immediately.
  • Eye Exposure - Irrigate copiously with water for at least 10 minutes. Obtain medical advice if any irritation or evidence of tissue damage persists.
  • Accidental Ingestion - Rinse mouth with water. Give up to half a pint of milk or water. Obtain medical advise immediately.
  • Excessive Inhialation - Move to fresh air and rest. Obtain medical advice immediately