Using The Aluminium Moulds

Using The Metal Moulds
The metal moulds are very strong and can last a very long time. They can be re-used without the need to be washed, if they require washing just use hot soapy water. A pillar wax (or wax with stearin added) must be used or the candles will not release from the moulds. Sometimes candles will stick even when the correct wax is used, usually 10-15 minutes in a fridge will help the release of the candle.

Using A Wick Pin
Using a wick pin is the easiest way to wick your candle. Prime your raw wick by dipping it in wax (or just use a waxed wick), then insert the wick pin into the wick at one end. Put the wick into the mould and out through the hole in the bottom. Cut the wick so there is around 2cm left protruding out of the hole. Then keep the wick taught while you place a piece of blu-tack over the wick, it can be a very good idea to then place a second piece of blu-tack over the first. Leave at least 15 minutes from doing this and pouring the wax to give the blu-tack time to harden.

1. Insert the wick pin through the wick at one end.
2. Place the wick through the hole leaving about 2cm of wick.
3. The wick pin should be holding the wick central.
4. Cover the wick and seal the hole with blu-tack.
Pin Through Wick
Wick Through Hole
Wick Centered
Tack Wick